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Terms and Conditions



1. General Conditions of Sale

1.1. CEBATE LDA (the "CEBATE"), legal entity number 517584867, with headquarters at Rua dos Anjos, nº 20 -A, 1150-085 Lisboa, is the entity responsible for the website (the "website"), and from the sale of products, articles and related services provided through it.

1.2. These General Conditions of Sale ("CGV") contain the conditions of purchase and sale through the website and the services provided through it, and must be read carefully before formalizing the purchase order by the buyer.

1.3. References to consumers must be read in the terms of Law No. 24/96, of July 31 (Contracts entered into at a distance and off-premises), and its subsequent amendments.


2. Communications, customer service and complaints

2.1. All communications to CEBATE, including complaints, must be sent to the following addresses: E-mail:; Telephone: 961355622

2.2. On the website, in "Frequently Asked Questions" [], answers to the most common questions related to the process of buying and selling products through the website are available.

2.3. CEBATE has an Electronic Complaints Book:


3. Dispute Resolution


3.1. Consumer disputes of low economic value are subject to the necessary arbitration or mediation when, at the express option of consumers, they are submitted to the appreciation of an arbitral tribunal attached to the legally authorized consumer dispute arbitration centers, in this case, the Consumer Arbitration Center of Lisbon. Consumption conflicts.

3.2. For the purposes of the previous number, consumer disputes of low economic value are those whose value does not exceed the jurisdiction of the courts of 1st instance (€5,000).

3.3. In order to facilitate the out-of-court resolution of online consumer disputes, you can use the online dispute resolution platform provided by the European Commission for this purpose.

3.4. Notwithstanding the alternative means of resolution available, buyers may, in any case, go to court, in which case the parties will determine that the courts of the Lisbon Region will be competent, expressly waiving any other. 3.5. These GTCS are governed by Portuguese law.


4. Consumer Disputes


4.1. The customer who buys through the website has the right to claim the products or services purchased, as in any physical establishment. For this, it is essential that the CEBATE online store complies with the following standards:

4.2. Through the website "" owned by CEBATE LDA, you can make online purchases of products and services that are available under the same terms as the other points of sale in the CEBATE network.

4.3. Depending on the shipping method chosen, shipping costs may be added to the price of products and services.

4.4. In case of error due to transaction duplication, the cancellation and full refund of the purchase is guaranteed at the customer's request. For cancellation requests, in these situations, you can contact


5. Delivery and shipping


5.1. CEBATE will deliver the products ordered by GLS or via CTT.

5.2. The shipping methods available, at the time of purchase, are provided in the information on the website and the choice must be confirmed in the shopping cart to complete the purchase order.

5.3. CEBATE is not responsible for delays derived from postal activity, when the products are sent to the Client through CTT.

5.4. Complaints for delays in the receipt of products and services, if any, should be directed to CTT.

5.5. CEBATE is not responsible for the delay in analyzing and responding to these complaints before CTT.


6. Price and Payment


6.1. The price of the products and services is identified on the website, together with the information of each of them, as well as, at the time of confirmation of the purchase order ("check-out"). The identified price is always the price with VAT at the applicable legal rate.

6.2. Before formalizing the purchase, the customer will be informed of all the costs inherent to the order: product price, taxes, shipping costs and other charges, if applicable.

6.3 In case of price reduction, the client will be informed of: . Modality applied: balance, promotion or liquidation; . What products are at a reduced price; . Respective percentages; . Start date and period of duration of the balance, promotion or liquidation. Payment methods 6.2. Payment can be made through the following systems: - Credit Cards (VISA, MASTERCARD); -MBWay; - MB network; -PayPal; -Payshop; - MULTIBANCO network or bank transfer. The validation of these transactions is ensured by UNICRE/SIBS.

6.4. In case of fraudulent use of cards, CEBATE cancels the transactions associated with that means of payment.

6.5. If the form of payment is not accepted within 48 hours or the MULTIBANCO references are not paid on time, it is possible that the sale is not completed, and the buyer must repeat his purchase order.


7. Return


The customer has 14 days to return the product (from the day of receipt) or cancel the contract, without additional costs or the need to specify a reason, with the exception of being a personalized, sealed product that deteriorates easily or that reaches the fast expiration date, cases in which the return will not take place.


8. Refund


The refund resulting from the return of product(s) not included in the exceptions in section 7, must be made by the same means of payment used for payment, without prejudice to the customer, within a maximum period of 14 days. If the reimbursement is requested through a different modality, you will not have to reimburse additional expenses.


9. Completion of the purchase order ("checkout")


Before completing the purchase, CEBATE clearly provides the buyer with information that summarizes the order, giving him the possibility to confirm the essential elements of the transaction, so that he can then complete the transaction.


10. Confirmation of receipt of the purchase order


10.1. Upon completion of the transaction through the website (purchase order completion), the buyer receives an email confirming that the transaction has been completed successfully, and its completion may depend on the validation of the payment methods selected.

10.2. If there is any error or unavailability that prevents CEBATE from accepting the purchase order, the buyer will be informed within a reasonable period of time and the amounts already spent will be refunded.

10.3. The purchase is complete when the payment method is accepted. If there is an error, CEBATE will inform the buyer that he must repeat the Purchase Order.