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Welcome to Cebate!

Cebate is the first store in Portugal specialized in the culture of Mate. It opened its doors in February 2022, with a physical store on Rua dos Anjos, in Lisbon, and an online store with shipments to all over the country and Europe.

Cebate sells products and services and promotes cultural events related to Mate.

The catalog already contains more than 40 types of yerba mate from 4 different countries: Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Various types of accessories, curated services, customization of items, stores and events. In total more than 150 products or services.

In the first year of existence, more than 50 nationalities visited the physical store. We participate in national fairs, we present together with CAL the book "El Libro de la Yerba Mate" by the sommelier Karla Johan, who is a partner and friend of the house. With the support of the Embajada de Uruguay, we promote the Uruguayan film "Mateína", which we have the exclusive rights to reproduce in Portugal.

What is Mate?

It is an infusion of yerba mate that becomes hot and has many beneficial properties for health. Its origin goes back to the indigenous peoples that populated South America, and it is a tradition that is also very ingrained in countries like Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, but also in areas of Brazil, and Chile. It is drunk in different ways, depending on the region, and its consumption is expanding all over the world. Syria and Lebanon, for example, have been major consumers since the 1970s, as a result of migratory waves that have taken mate to the most remote corners.

Our mission

Facilitating access to Mate's consumer products in Portugal. Foster the practice in people who are not aware of it. Diffuse its benefits for health. We approach other cultures.

Our vision

Impulse the consumption of Mate in Portugal. Position the Mate as a living cultural heritage. Gather people from all over the world around Mate. Create collective awareness about the health benefits of consuming natural products.