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Mate of gourd wrapped...

Regular price €22.00 Price €18.70

Mate of gourd wrapped with tiento material and with a big mouth. Handmade, good...

Thermo Versatile Glass...
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  • -10%

Thermo Versatile Glass...

Regular price €16.00 Price €14.40

The personal thermo has a glass ampoule and a new bottom, more resistant to...

Mate made of glass wrapped...
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  • Out-of-Stock

Mate made of glass...

Regular price €12.00 Price €10.20

Mate made of glass wrapped with tiento material and with a big mouth. Handmade, good...

Bombilla Nickel-Plated...

Regular price €10.00 Price €9.00

Bombilla Nickel-Plated Bronze "Pico de Loro" 

Long beak.


Yerba Mate Traditional -...
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Yerba Mate Traditional...

Regular price €4.50 Price €4.05

Yerba Mate Amanda Traditional with antioxidant properties, vitamins, minerals and an...


Santiago Cruces
Master in Ecology and Evolution
One of the best places to buy "Yerba" to drink a nice "mate". The owners are very friendly and dedicated. They will help you with everything you need if you are new to this magical drink. You will find everything important: thermos, calabazas (the cup where you put the leaves), bombillas (the straws) and erva (the leaves of Ilex paraguariensis). They also offer other Uruguayan products. Don't miss the opportunity to visit them. You can also buy everything online.
Elisa Regiardo
Partner Marketing Manager
So happy there is a Cebate in town! Long awaited place where anything Mate related can be found + cool south american sweets. I found the perfect Mate kit for my 10YO to start her own Mate journey and all my friends can expect to get Mate themed presents this Christmas the best part is that the owners are truly passionate, kind, approachable and knowledgeable so you can learn a lot, have a great convo and leave the store with your Mate up and running!
Hernán Barindelli
Amateur Polyglot
A must for all mate lovers and new enthusiasts. In the heart of Lisbon. Great variety of yerba mate, alfajores and dulce de leche!!!! Excellent service!!!!
joana Cristóstomo
Traveller Enthusiast / CX Operations Manager
One of the few places in Lisbon where to find a variety of yerba mate and mate accessories (and dulce de leche, for the sweet-toothed!). Claudio and Maite are running the store and they're super welcoming and friendly. Aside for buying what you need, you'll also get the chance to chat to them, get recommendations according to your taste, and learn much more about Yerba Mate and its rituals! I even got to have a "live tutorial" on how to properly use my mate :D Loved it!
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